Almost Three Weeks Old…

I could sit with puppies all day!

Time seems to be flying by! It’s true… I can’t get anything done! I just want to sit with puppies and love on each and every one of them!!!

They’ve found the toys!
Big YAWN! (Purple Girl)
Black Boy
They now play with each other too!
Up and walking albeit a bit shaky still but… they are all up!
SWEET face! This puppy has a special place in my heart. He started off a bit smaller than his littermates but now… He is catching up quickly! 
Pink Girl
Puppy Pile
Exploring their world with their mouths… Even if it is on each other!
It didn’t take them long to figure out how to EAT (chew/lick). LOVE my starter food! 

Two and a Half Weeks Old

With their eyes open now, pups begin to explore their environment

Pups seem to grow overnight! They are beginning to notice each other and want to play together. All are walking better even if they still tend to tumble now and again. Deja continues to be a good mommy keeping close tabs on the pups although is now spending some time away from them, but never too very far away.

Looking forward to meeting everyone soon at the “puppy party”! No worries if you can’t make it, we will set another date so that everyone has the chance to play with the puppies!

Definitely a “milk coma” here! Those are some full bellies! 


Green Boy: Our First Escapee! (Panel has now been added to keep pups from falling out of the box and getting lost!)
Aww… LOVE this shot (and this is how I found them!) So Sweet!

I love how the pups are noticing each other and beginning to “play” with each other. This is the beginning of great socialization between littermates that everyone will need to continue when puppy goes home.


Puppy is thinking… When you leave this box, Mom, I’m coming with you! 

Puppy Update: Two Weeks Old

Puppies are all 2+ pounds except little orange girl (and she isn’t far behind!)

Puppies celebrated their “two week old birthday” on Monday (yesterday). Now THAT week went by in a blur!! To keep everyone updated on their development… Pups eyes are now opened/opening. They start off as little slits but you can see them blinking! At this time, their ears also start to open. The little sqeaks now turn to little barks (and then they whip around wondering where that noise came from, LOL!)

Pups have been dewormed as part of their health protocol and based on their individual weights. And their tiny little nails clipped:

  • Blue (M): 2 lbs 3.0 oz
  • Black (M): 2 lbs 4.6 oz
  • Purple (M): 2 lbs 0.4 oz
  • Green (M): 2 lbs 2.0 oz
  • Hot Pink (F): 2 lbs 5.0 oz
  • Lime Green (F): 2 lbs 2.0 oz
  • Red (F): 2 lbs 1.2 oz
  • Yellow (F): 2 lbs 1.0 oz
  • Orange (F): 1 lb 13.2 oz (although she was 1 lb 15.0 oz today)


144 Little Nails Clipped


All pups are working on coordinating their front and rear leg movements.

Deja and her babies




I Could Just Sit And Watch Puppies All Day!

Milestones for puppies: walking and eyes/ears beginning to open up.

Yep, I could sit and watch puppies all day! I think that is pretty much what I’ve done so far today too! Just passing on some photos (and vids) taken today and yesterday.

Important things going on now:

  • Puppies eyes are “flickering”; they will be open soon (and then they will follow Deja right out of the box! Puppy area will be changed then.
  • Puppies ears are beginning to open. Puppies are crying and barking and then… they don’t know where that noise came from?! It is absolutely hysterical! I come running wondering who is making all that noise only to see a pup just making noise for no reason!
  • Walking: HUGE MILESTONE and something I am very sensitive too! I want to see all pups using their legs/building muscle strength to push off their legs as they learn to walk. They all are… YEAH!


A different perspective! Pups definitely NOT cold (all spread out)! And yes, that is “Beauty and the Beast” blanket I’ve had (and used) for years with puppies, LOL! Recycle & Reuse!!


Deja’s keeping an eye on her puppies but hey, a girl needs her beauty sleep too! (This area will change in a few weeks once pups are up and walking.)


Just because! Sweet, sweet puppy!


Puppy Learning to walk (Lime Green girl)


I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of pups in this dog bed before that I’ve used while I change the bedding. Now, they hardly fit anymore!


Golden puppy (Black boy) walking and hearing his own “voice”. I think he is looking for where his noise is coming from? I would bet his ears are opening!