Jema’s Olly Olly Oxen Free, RN


“Olly” is our CH Elton x CH Deja puppy born on the 4th of July! We are looking forward to her bright future… In and out of the show ring!



Time flies…

Let’s see… Olly has grown up to being a BEAUTIFUL girl; we just love her to pieces!

Olly spent her first year doing all the things “new puppies” should do… LOTS of socializing in town, in the mountains, and meeting LOTS of new people along the way!

After her first birthday (and during Covid 19 restrictions), we were able to get two of Olly’s “health clearances”. We are very happy that Olly now has her permanent heart clearance (no signs of genetic heart disease) per veterinarian cardiologist. In addition, Olly had her eyes dilated and was seen by the veterinarian opthalmologist. Olly’s eyes are “normal”; no signs of genetic eye diseases!

As Covid 19 restrictions continue, I started looking into “what else” I could do with Ms. Olly? SO MANY things we might normally do were not available to do. Now what? I started training Olly (along with my Havanese puppy, Tipsy) to do Rally “obstacles”. Rally Obedience is a mix of obedience training combined with fun “obstacles” the person does with the dog. Olly LOVED the “training”; really, I think she loved the treats for doing things that were simple in her mind (because she is so smart, she easily caught on to what I wanted her to do.)

Thanks to AKC’s “virtual rally pilot program”, Olly now has her “RN” title (Rally Novice). She completed her three “runs” to achieve the title. Am very proud of my “puppy”!

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