CH Gaitway-Jema’s Kiss and Tell, BISS; “Rooster”

“Rooster” is CH Gaitway-Jema’s Kiss And Tell, BISS, CGC and is SO MUCH like his father, GCH CH Jema’s Mocha Kiss, BISS; “Tazo”. The resemblance between the two made it difficult to tell them apart at times!

Rooster easily finished his AKC Championship winning major points from the puppy class! Rooster is a joy to live with making us laugh each and every day. And he and his sire, Tazo, live on through his puppies.

Puppy Photos
Best of Winners in Garden City, KS; Rooster’s first major win at 7 months of age!!
Rooster (WD in Seward, NE-4/28/13)
Winner’s Dog in Seward, NE (2013)
Rooster (BISS)
Rooster won several Sweepstakes wins: one in Albuquerque, NM spring of 2013 and again here at the Mile High Sporting Dog Fanciers September 2013
Just a young boy having fun in the field
Sent on a retrieve… His favorite game!
Rooster WD BOW
Best of Winners: Seward KC 2015
Whether in the show ring or hiking with the fam, Rooster is always ready to have fun! 
Did someone call me? Here I come!!
A VERY hot day but Rooster does whatever I ask of him… No matter the weather! 
What blizzard? Rooster on “bunny patrol”! 
Rooster LOVES puppies (pictured with “Vee” as a puppy) Both LOVE swimming too! 
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