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Tipsy has a unique story… Through sources, I learned about a litter of Havanese mix puppies in need of forever homes. In doing my due diligence in learning about the identified breed, the Havanese, of these puppies, I contacted a friend who I knew breeds and shows Havanese. To make a long story short… the mix puppies already had homes and my friend just happened to have puppies! So… “Tipsy” joined our doggy household fall 2019.

Now I’m really NOT a “little dog person” but at under 10 lbs full grown, how hard could this puppy be? What I didn’t realize is how fast and easy she would steal my heart! Tipsy has been a joy to live with and is an “avatar of happiness” (what my son calls her) to everyone she meets.

But how do the Goldens get along with her? Well, they ARE Goldens and generally do very well with other dogs (if socialized and used to being around other dogs which my dogs are used to being). Due to the size difference, big and little dogs are closely monitored. Tipsy is very smart and KNOWS she doesn’t want to be “stepped on” so waits for the Goldens to settle down before approaching them OR… she leaves herself an “out”. It is hysterical to watch her protect herself under a piece of furniture all the while lunging at the big dogs to play with her! Did I mention she is really smart? 😎

Tipsy was ~5 months old when I had knee surgery. She made a perfect “recovery buddy” afterwards and often motivated me to do my physical therapy exercises. On to recuperating and recovery… ALL of the dogs helped my focus in getting back to me!

Now at 8.5 months old, Tipsy is reliably house-broken. It just took LOTS of patience but she consistently goes to the door when she needs to potty. You still have to “watch her” for signs she needs to go outside but since she’s a constant shadow, that is easy enough to do.

Tipsy and all of the dogs have gone through Covid-19 quarantine stay-at-home directives with us. As our world starts opening up businesses, we look forward to getting out and about again. Someday… Tipsy may be in the show ring but regardless of what any judge may think of her, she will always be a “champion” in my heart!

November 2020

So… What else are you going to do during Covid 19 when so many businesses and activities are shut down? Train dogs, of course! Sweet Tipsy has been my constant shadow and has LOVED the extra attention during “training” (she would call it an easy way to get “treats” for being with me anyways!) Thanks to the virtual AKC pilot program, Tipsy and I were able to not only train for her Rally Novice title but also do our videotaped runs and after submitting to AKC, Tipsy now has her “RN” title (Rally Novice; a combination of obedience and agility). Am so very proud of my “little” dog with a big heart!

One of the three “runs” Tipsy did to achieve her “RN” (Rally Novice) AKC title

In addtion to Tipsy rally training and subsequent rally runs for the RN title, Tipsy entered her first shows since Covid-19 shut down the country. She showed two days in Cheyenne, WY in August and three days in Colorado (Arapahoe KC) in September. I couldn’t be more proud at how well she showed in conformation. I know we won’t have any “local” shows to attend until spring time; hopefully Covid 19 will just be a “memory” by then? Regardless, we will keep working on our future goals which for Tipsy, that means just being with her peeps!

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