Puppy Stuff (5/5/21)

Puppy News… Pups are learning to walk!

Vee’s puppies are 6 days old; Deja’s are 12 days old… There just seems there would be a bigger difference in weights? Vee’s puppies are not filled out though they are getting to be hefty puppies. Deja’s pups are like potatoes! Solid. I suspect a few will hit the two-pounder tomorrow (Greey boy, Pink and Yellow girl). The weight difference is interesting…

Blue BoyGreen BoyOrange BoyPurple GirlRed GirlPink GirlYellow Girl
1 lb 9.4 oz1 lb 14.6 oz1 lb 7.8 oz1 lb 10.0 oz1 lb 11.0 oz1 lb 14.2 oz1 lb 15.4 oz
Deja’s puppies: 12 days old
Blue BoyGreen BoyOrange BoyPurple BoyPink GirlRed Girl
1 lb 12.0 oz1 lb 5.6 oz1 lb 6.6 oz1 lb 2.6 oz1 lb 2.2 oz1 lb 6.2 oz
Vee’s puppies: 5 days old

Vee’s Blue Pawprint boy is a moose! He’s definitely an outlier! And Deja’s Orange Boy is not far behind his siblings now; he and Blue Boy (Deja’s) are about the same weight.

For some odd reason, both mom’s have decided to dig? I’ve removed the fleece pads because pups were crawling under them and getting “lost” so maybe, mom’s miss the cushioning? I’ve added extra coverings (the waterproof washable pads) but they are just digging them up making “mountains” for pups to crawl up and over to reach mom’s. I’ve spent much of today “fixing” them while mom’s are laughing at me, I know!

Pups moved to heating pad in case squeaking means they are chilled? Slams in the background… other dogs using the doggy door going in and out. THOSE dogs are quite impressed with themselves digging at my lilac bush! They’ve enjoyed our recent rainy weather and soft ground perfect for digging!

5/6/21: I was SO TIRED last night that I decided finish this today. I did manage to figure out how to make a “table” for the weights above! Keeping an eye on pups and keeping everyone updated plus working on “next steps”… something had to give… I fell asleep and forgot to put my phone in the charger. Oops!

Vee has a small lump along her mammary chain in between two nipples. Caught early (because I’m checking mom’s as much as checking pups), we started alternating warm and cold compresses three to four times/day. Lump/mass got a bit smaller but still there? I made sure pups were draining the nipple above and below the mass to keep those ducts flowing/emptying. Started Vee on antibiotics (Deja and Vee are receiving probiotics as well as the puppies; already giving pups probiotics every other day). I have visions of a major erupting mastitis that would require surgical repair… That would be my nightmare! Well… It seems milk has leaked out of the mammary chain into the Sub-Q tissue that resulted in this mass? Compressed and we were able to get that milk mass out through the skin in between those two nipples! There is a pin prick size hole that closes up immediately after expressing. There’s not a lot that bothers me but this did. Mass is definitely milk although maybe not quite as white as Vee’s milk from her nipples. Mass substantially smaller now although we are continuing the warm/cold compresses. It doesn’t seem to bother Vee; she’s not in any pain but… Just not “normal”! It can’t stay because leaving a pocket of “old milk” would not be good! I plan on keeping Vee on antibiotics a few more days and… probiotics continued for all. Might this reabsorb on its own? Maybe? But better to be aware and on top of things before it becomes a bigger problem/infection.

Vee “smiling”. She is taking her mother role very seriously; she’s being a very good mommy!

In puppy news… I’m going through my wait list and talking to folks to see if they are “still waiting”. I have several wonderful families that I would like to promise them a puppy; I’m going to run out of puppies before I run out of great homes. I’m truly sorry for the families who won’t be getting a puppy from these litters. For the most part, I’m still working on folks who’ve been waiting since mid 2020.

This gave me a fright when I was “counting puppies”. Green Pawprint boy “hanging out” under the pig rail!

For the families that I have contacted, I’m in the process of nailing down “puppy party” dates and “going home” weekends. Pups stay with me until they are 8-weeks-old; fortunately this corresponds to upcoming weekends which is always nice to have to get used to pups schedules and for pups to get used to new surroundings. I will send each puppy home with a small bag of food we’ve weaned pups onto so that won’t be a change for puppy. Fortunately, my pups go home pretty close to being house-broken and knowing how to use a doggy-door. It will be up to each family to keep close eyes on puppy and learn his/her signals he/she needs to go potty. Expect “accidents” but strive for reading signals and pups doing the “right thing” will go a long way in “house-breaking” pups. Today, I’m making those vet appointments for each litter for pups to get their first vaccinations and vet checks. I want boys to have their “family jewels” descended although these can still go “up and down” even at 8-weeks of age.

Pups are obviously NOT cold; good! But… No room for mom! I rearranged pups so mom had a place to lie down with them.

Several of Deja’s puppies have their eyes open now. Tiny little slits as they now start using visual skills and not just scent to “find mom”. In both litters, pups are getting up on all fours. After eyes, ears open next and “squeaks” turn into “barks” as they start to hear themselves for the first time. Many know I have an African Grey parrot (expert mimic ability!) Picasso, my Grey, already mimics my little dog’s barking only it sounds “distant” and muffled which is how s/he hears it. I fully expect to be hearing puppy barks “in stereo” soon, LOL!

Vee’s puppies: puppy pile!

Once pups are walking well with eyes and ears open, we will remove the whelping boxes and start more interactive toys for pups to explore. Mom’s will still be nursing; solid food introduced week three or so. Teeth should start erupting by then too.

Back to puppies… Look for an email from me with more specific information soon. I’m really looking forward to meeting and talking to folks in person at the puppy parties!

Happy Four-Weeks-Old

Puppies: 4-Weeks-Old

Great time meeting all the new families last Sunday who are getting a puppy from this litter! It COULD HAVE BEEN a bit cooler but all-in-all, we swung with the weather and still had a good time! I know the puppies had fun; they were all exhausted after all the guests left and slept soundly… Until the next meal that is!

Who doesn’t love watching those sleeping puppies?! 

LOTS of info sent out yesterday  (Puppy Packets + Contracts) along with another email packed with info… Things I wanted to make sure I said on Sunday and may have forgotten?

Puppy Weights this week (4 weeks old):

  • Blue (M): 4 lbs 10.6 oz
  • Black (M): 4 lbs 14.8 oz
  • Purple (M): 4 lbs 3.6 oz
  • Green (M): 4 lbs 6.4 oz
  • Pink (F): 4 lbs 13.0 oz
  • Lime (F): 4 lbs 9.0 oz
  • Red (F): 4 lbs 12.0 oz
  • Yellow (F): 4 lbs 6.0 oz
  • Orange (F): 4 lbs 6.4 oz

So our “biggest” puppy is Black Boy (4 lbs 14.8 oz) and our lightest puppy is Yellow Girl (4 lbs 6.0 oz). Essentially, the puppies are only ounces different in weight from each other! All are “chunky monkeys” and doing well eating solid food. We’ve now increased the amount in each feeding and have increased the number of times puppies are being fed per day. We have quit the goat’s milk substituting water to make sure pups stay hydrated. ALL have sharp puppy teeth; Deja is very grateful for the “help” in feeding her babies!

Speaking of sharp puppy teeth, everyone needs to make sure they buy “teething” chew toys (Nylabones are great!). This is a great way to substitute chewing on hands or clothes that puppy will likely do. And those puppy teeth are SHARP! When puppy puts their mouth on hands, just put the chew toy in their mouths (and remove your hands) instead! Pups will soon learn that hands are a “no!” but chew toys are all right to chew. You will definitely want to make sure they are chewing on these types of toys and NOT your furniture! Goldens are definitely “chewers”. And for those with kids, have them be consistent with substituting chew toys also. I would suggest that when you go to pet puppy, have a chew toy in your other hand as they will likely respond to your petting with chewing first!

After their initial bout of teething, pups will again teeth at around 4 months of age when their permanent teeth start coming in. Have those chew toys handy! ESPECIALLY for the kids when playing with puppy!!

As I may have mentioned to some folks on Sunday, we have a visiting girl with us this week. Rooster is quite enamored with his new girlfriend! I want to specifically thank Terri for helping stack puppies “just for fun”. We were just playing around and only did a few puppies but Terri has promised to come back to help evaluate puppies when they are older. This is great as I can’t stack puppies and take photos at the same time! Terri’s method of stacking puppies is very different from the way I stack puppies… I was very pleased at how well the pups did her way!

black boy.jpg
Black Boy

Blue boy.jpg
Blue Boy

Green boy.jpg
Green Boy

Meanwhile, I was worried about pup’s “going home” packages. I’m happy to report that everyone will receive a Royal Canin sampler pack courtesy of Royal Canin! These sample packs are now on order and should arrive soon! YEAH!!

Pink girl.jpg
Hot Pink Girl

Red Girl.jpg
Red Girl

(Pups were sleepy when we woke them up to stack them. But for the first time being stacked, they all did very well. We only stacked these puppies this time; we’ll do all of them when they are older!)


Puppy Update: Two Weeks Old

Puppies are all 2+ pounds except little orange girl (and she isn’t far behind!)

Puppies celebrated their “two week old birthday” on Monday (yesterday). Now THAT week went by in a blur!! To keep everyone updated on their development… Pups eyes are now opened/opening. They start off as little slits but you can see them blinking! At this time, their ears also start to open. The little sqeaks now turn to little barks (and then they whip around wondering where that noise came from, LOL!)

Pups have been dewormed as part of their health protocol and based on their individual weights. And their tiny little nails clipped:

  • Blue (M): 2 lbs 3.0 oz
  • Black (M): 2 lbs 4.6 oz
  • Purple (M): 2 lbs 0.4 oz
  • Green (M): 2 lbs 2.0 oz
  • Hot Pink (F): 2 lbs 5.0 oz
  • Lime Green (F): 2 lbs 2.0 oz
  • Red (F): 2 lbs 1.2 oz
  • Yellow (F): 2 lbs 1.0 oz
  • Orange (F): 1 lb 13.2 oz (although she was 1 lb 15.0 oz today)


144 Little Nails Clipped


All pups are working on coordinating their front and rear leg movements.

Deja and her babies