Jema’s Journey of Vim, Vigor & Valor


Vee is our keeper from the CH Journey x CH Deja litter (6/11/18). I knew early on “she was the one” probably mostly for sentimental reasons. As it turned out, she also has great conformation. We are very excited about our “up and coming” puppy! For now, she is enjoying being a puppy and all that entails!


Vee LOVES to swim! Diving into the pool at 10.5 weeks!


Aww… Vee! Deja is most patient with her puppy!

It’s hard to get anything done with all the “help”!
SUCH a sweet puppy!


Vee is growing up! She and Beanie (our French Bulldog) are best friends! 
So many toys to play with; never enough time! 
Vee’s first snow/winter… She LOVES playing in the snow!
Such a pretty girl! We love her to pieces!! 


Time flies and I realize… time to update with more recent photos! Vee (lovingly called “Vee-Vee”) is the sweetest soul; the epitome of a “Golden Retriever”! While always ready for a game of fetch or any other activity, she is content to just “hang out with us” too. 2020 has brought LOTS of changes for everyone but we were still able to get Vee’s last and final health clearance done this year: x-rays of her hips (rated: good) and elbows (rated normal). We will most likely breed Vee on her next season in early 2021? We’ll see…

Photos of life living with our Vee-Vee. Just a fun girl.

Playing “fetch” in the mountains with her family… What could be better? (Beanie, the Frenchie, is tethered until the fencing had been completed. Beanie THINKS it is alright to run away to chase the many deer “around”. Bad Beanie… we fixed that! She is NOT allowed to chase the deer any longer!
“Throw the ball, Mom!”
Sometimes you just need your chew toy…
Life with Vee hanging out as I write this!

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