I Could Just Sit And Watch Puppies All Day!

Milestones for puppies: walking and eyes/ears beginning to open up.

Yep, I could sit and watch puppies all day! I think that is pretty much what I’ve done so far today too! Just passing on some photos (and vids) taken today and yesterday.

Important things going on now:

  • Puppies eyes are “flickering”; they will be open soon (and then they will follow Deja right out of the box! Puppy area will be changed then.
  • Puppies ears are beginning to open. Puppies are crying and barking and then… they don’t know where that noise came from?! It is absolutely hysterical! I come running wondering who is making all that noise only to see a pup just making noise for no reason!
  • Walking: HUGE MILESTONE and something I am very sensitive too! I want to see all pups using their legs/building muscle strength to push off their legs as they learn to walk. They all are… YEAH!


A different perspective! Pups definitely NOT cold (all spread out)! And yes, that is “Beauty and the Beast” blanket I’ve had (and used) for years with puppies, LOL! Recycle & Reuse!!


Deja’s keeping an eye on her puppies but hey, a girl needs her beauty sleep too! (This area will change in a few weeks once pups are up and walking.)


Just because! Sweet, sweet puppy!


Puppy Learning to walk (Lime Green girl)


I’m pretty sure I’ve posted a photo of pups in this dog bed before that I’ve used while I change the bedding. Now, they hardly fit anymore!


Golden puppy (Black boy) walking and hearing his own “voice”. I think he is looking for where his noise is coming from? I would bet his ears are opening!

3 thoughts on “I Could Just Sit And Watch Puppies All Day!”

      1. Thanks, Nita! This area is actually our eating area right off our kitchen (table & chairs temporarily stored elsewhere). It’s nice that they are close to the kitchen sink; easy to keep an eye on everyone yet a baby-gate in the doorway keeps the other dogs away from them and mom 🙂

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