Yes, We Are Having Puppies!

Planning, cleaning, monitoring… Getting ready for the big day!

Quick update… yes, both girls ARE pregnant! Deja is scheduled for a progesterone blood test, x-ray (to count skulls and spines to get a puppy count) and a C-section (4/22 or 4/23). I will start taking her temp twice per day starting a week prior to her due date (that will also monitor her progesterone and that drop).

Deja and her puppy belly! Doing what she does most these days… resting and growing puppies!

Progesterone is the hormone that maintains pregnancy. Just before (within a 24 hour window usually), progesterone levels drop signifying impending labor. That drop in progesterone causes the girls temperature to drop by a full degree… a sure sign of impending labor. Another way to monitor that progesterone level is a simple blood test. We want to make absolutely sure her progesterone levels drop, and puppies are “ready” to be born, before they do that C-section.

Vee is about a week behind Deja and also pregnant. She, will have that pre-whelp x-ray to count skulls and spines (to know how many puppies to expect). She is scheduled for her C-section on 4/30; her actual due date.

Vee is also spending a lot of time “growing puppies”.

Meanwhile both girls are ravenously hungry! When they aren’t sleeping, that is. They are getting moderate exercise but separate from my more rowdy dogs. It is just an added precaution but neither need to be darting and diving for say a tennis ball! And as those puppies grow… Many more potty breaks for both provided these days!

I’m still waiting for my collars to arrive. They said they’ve shipped but this certainly is NOT Amazon which we’ve become so used to in regards to fast shipping. Fortunately, I do have “plan B” if they don’t arrive in time.

This weekend is pullout and clean/bleach “puppy stuff”! I will feel good being “ready” with things set up; I just hate leaving anything to the last minute! That is IF the weather cooperates?

I WILL try my hardest to keep folks updated but please know, my first priority will be mom’s and puppies health. That first few days (actually first week) is so critical in monitoring mom’s and puppies health for any problems. Just as soon as I’m sure all are doing well, we get to go through the entire process again with Vee. This is the hardest part/time, in my experience. Then, the next “hard time” starts again at around 4-5 weeks when we start transitioning puppies onto solid food.

Lastly, and really sort of silly are “technical difficulties”! As we’ve all experienced, just when you’ve learned a new program/software, they change it with “new and improved” functions! What used to be easily done now takes longer to figure out how something new works! I guess this is “good” as it keeps our brains thinking/working but yeah… frustrating to figure out how new improvements work too!

Keeping fingers crossed for a safe whelping and healthy puppies! And as I write this, just thought of yet another question for my vet… pain management post C-section? What does she recommend for mom’s surgical pain that won’t cross over into milk and sedate puppies? Hmmm??? I guess we cross that road when we get to it. I’ve already been told that due to Covid and mandates, only one person will be allowed “to help”, sigh! I will help the techs “revive” puppies; hubby will be waiting to help wherever he is allowed? It would just about kill me to NOT be with my momma’s and babies in real time! Maybe by some miracle, our Covid mandates will be lifted in the next few weeks? One can certainly hope!!

6 Days To Go!

Getting clean for upcoming puppies means… BATH TIME!

Six days to go before… PUPPIES!


Puppy pen is set up and ready; supplies disinfected and waiting. Miss Deja had a bath over the weekend with disinfecting shampoo… WHEW! Special care was given to  her belly/nipple area to clean all the cracks and crevices. The last thing I need to do is shave her belly to make it easier for pups to find the “milk bar”.


Deja’s ultrasound appointment is tomorrow, June 6th. We’ll get a “head count” (literally) to know how many puppies to expect on the big day! This will help in the throws of whelping to know whether she is done or not with delivering the puppies. (And if she acts like she is done but we know she still has undelivered puppies yet to go!)

It’s sort of funny… She doesn’t look overly big in these photos or when wet? In reality, she is HUGE!


I think we all are ready for her big day!



12 Days and the Countdown Begins!

In this last stage of pregnancy, Deja is sleeping alot!

So much to do yet… OH BOY! Thank goodness it is almost the weekend! It’s time to get things “set up”!

Twelve days to go and…

We got puppy movement!

We got milk!

Rooster is sniffing Deja’s ear wondering why she is always “resting”?

Deja’s wet feet from the morning dew. She thinks she will pick out the place to have her babies! No, sweet girl… You are NOT having puppies under that tree! PLEASE stop digging!! 

P.S. ALL the dogs LOVE lying on the concrete floor even though they have more comfortable places to lie/sleep on! The concrete is nice and cool especially when the temps rise!

Two Weeks To Go…

Definitely a “puppy bump” going on here!

Well actually 2 weeks and 3 days! Miss Deja is definitely carrying more than a few puppies!


Hubby was joking this morning about his new way to “exercise the dogs”. All he has to do is get up from his chair in the study and walk into the bedroom. Or the kitchen. And everyone gets up to follow him! LOL! Sitting at my desk now, I have a sea of gold surrounding me! Goldens definitely like to “hang out” with their people!

We are keeping a very close eye on Deja now (well, we keep a close eye on everyone, really). The “big day” is getting closer!

Pregnancy Ultrasound

Time for the ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. LOVE those tiny heart beats!

It’s finally time to get the girls, Deja and Doodle, in to have their ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. I/we are THRILLED that Deja is pregnant with more than a few puppies! Sadly, Doodle is NOT pregnant 😦

It is such a bittersweet moment when you can be so happy yet so sad at the same time. And then I think… This is EXACTLY why we bred both girls. No matter how much we might try to “control” things, Mother Nature will always have the last say in what will happen. I guess I don’t need to worry about borrowing another whelping box or making a second separate area for both girls. Still sad about Doodle, we are very excited about the upcoming Journey x Deja puppies! I had hoped we would receive an ultrasound photo but unfortunately, due to technical problems, I didn’t get one. Still, watching those little (very little!) heart beats was such a thrill!

Deja will now be started on a maternity diet to help her help the growing puppies. Deja’s due date is June 12, give or take a day on either side of that date. We will have a maternity x-ray done a few days before her due date to count “skulls and spines” to know exactly how many puppies to expect on the big day. I keep whispering in Deja’s ear, PLEASE have these puppies during the day! Alas, it is most common to have puppies in the wee hours of the morning. Still, I will keep whispering in Deja’s ear! One can hope, right?!

This will be Deja’s second litter of puppies; here is “Pixel”, a puppy from her first litter. 

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend! Whether you may be celebrating your mother or be a mother yourself, all mothers should be celebrated! That is exactly what we did for Deja; celebrated her as a Mother-To-Be! We can’t wait to meet her babies!