Happy Mother’s Day!

Pups are doing great! Growing and developing a bit more every day! ❤

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

208 nails clipped! Deja’s pups had their 2-week deworming meds (tastes like bananas; Juju & Tipsy “helped lick faces”!) Deja didn’t mind; she wanted some of that banana stuff too!

Deja’s pups have eyes open and are walking. Vee’s pups are walking too; need to open their eyes, HA! Toys/obstacles added for both litters.

Of interest, Vee’s blue boy is almost the BIGGEST puppy in BOTH LITTERS (although he is 6 days behind Deja’s pups! He’s a moose!


Yellow Collar (Deja)2 lb 4.6 oz
Blue Pawprint (Vee)2 lb 3.4 oz
Green Collar (Deja)2 lb 2.8 oz
Pink Collar (Deja)2 lb 1.4 oz
Blue Collar (Deja)1 lb 15.2 oz
Orange Collar (Deja)1 lb 11.2 oz
Red Collar (Deja)1 lb 14.8 oz
Purple Collar (Deja)1 lb 15.0 oz
Green Pawprint (Vee)1 lb 11.6 oz
Orange Pawprint (Vee)1 lb 9.0 oz
Purple Pawprint (Vee)1 lb 9.0 oz
Pink Pawprint (Vee)1 lb 7.2 oz
Red Pawprint (Vee)1 lb 12.2 oz
The main “take-away” here is all pups are consistently gaining weight. Both mom’s are doing a great job feeding their pups. They are (and will be) very close developmentally too. Thank goodness for the different collars!

My “Little’s (Havanese) are “helping” by licking pups face!
Time to change the bedding… the epitome of a “puppy pile”!
A moment in time captured. Vee is a good mommy!
Toys added for stimulation and interest (Deja’s pups because they are moving around better each day. Vee’s pups will get more toys soon.)
Yellow Girl is a prolific walker. I suspect “mom” is right outside the box and puppy thinks she is going to get to mom? First puppy to show interest in the “outside world” 🙂
Their eyes are open now!

Pups are doing well ❤