Puppies First Car Ride and Vet Visit

Just another adventure!

It was a busy day yesterday for both the puppies and us going to the vet. Puppies took the whole experience in stride; they did great on the car ride and they did great at the vet office and for their individual exams.

Car packed with puppies!
First crate and car experience… CHECK!
Can you just hear them all… “Are we there yet?”! 

Of course EVERYONE thought they were simply adorable! I had a few people ask me if any were for sale? And I had EVERYONE want to touch and pet them (and that would be a NO! The last thing I want is for a puppy to get ill from any type of cross-contamination!) So to answer to all of the “can I say ‘hi’ to the puppies?”… You most certainly can but not with your hands! (I’m so “mean”, LOL!)

It was an incredibly well-run appointment with each puppy being weighed, temp taken, examined, and then vaccinations given (DA2P/Parvo plus oral Bordatella). All hearts were normal; normal heart sounds and all boys had testicles palpitated (a good thing!)

Puppies relaxing in a heap of course! These are the calmest puppies ever…even with the commotion going on around them! 
Crates on our crate dolly all tied and wrapped and ready to roll! 

Of course, we are watching closely for any adverse reactions. Everyone ate well last night and again this morning. Poops look good. No one is lethargic afterwards either… Whew! I’ll keep an eye on them over the next few days to hopefully continue this trend/behavior!

This CAN’T be comfortable but… When it is time for a nap, you just have to close your eyes!

The drive home was again taken in stride by these confident pups and once parked, they were “let loose”! All come when called (they answer to “puppy” so folks… that may help you as you transition them to learning their real names!)

Ah… Freedom at last!

Another milestone achieved in the puppies lives! Good job babies!!


My Beanie Baby

Our Beanie Baby!

Have I ever written about Beanie? I don’t think so? And I don’t even think I’ve ever put her photos on the web site??

Beanie is our French Bulldog. This is a breed of dog I always thought was so unique. I thought I might look into them more seriously later as perhaps my “old lady dog”? And then one day at dog class, a gal walks in with several Frenchies. Being polite, I inquired about them and to make a long story short… her co-breeder had a litter of two fawn six-week-old girls. Two weeks later, we came home with an 8-week-old fawn French Bulldog!


French Bulldogs, affectionately referred to as “Frenchies”, are a unique breed of dog. They do not melt into you like a Golden does because of their tubular body shape. And with their pushed in faces and bat ears, they are just… CUTE!

Of course she retrieves!

Beanie is almost a year old now and she thinks she rules the Goldens. I really wish the Goldens would “put her in her place” but they do not. They tolerate her jumping up at their ears to pull them down to her level. And she keeps up with them so by now, she is incredibly muscular! We have had to make a few fencing changes to keep Beanie OUT of the donkey paddock! I think she would go after them, too, to prove she is in charge! Now that would NOT be a good idea!! Donkeys, in general, do not like dogs!

Beanie keeps up with the big dogs… even in the snow!

I always swore that I would teach ANY dog to walk “nice” on lead but because of their throat/trachea issues, Beanie wears a harness when out walking. I swear… It is easier to walk ANY of my Goldens or multiple Goldens than it is to walk Beanie! She pulls like a sled dog!

This harness is almost too small for her now!

Our latest endeavor with our little Beanie Baby is to make sure she is crate trained! Ironically, she sleeps with the Goldens snuggling up to them for warmth. She will bark incessantly when they are outside and she insists they come in to lie with her to keep her warm! Now that we are crate training her, she is doing beautifully sleeping through the night in her crate and no longer barks at the Goldens. Bad us for not doing this sooner!

Rooster and Beanie
Rooster and Beanie

I have had inquiries on whether I will breed Beanie? Hmm… at this point, I do not know? For now she is exactly what we wanted… A little French Bulldog to love. She has fit in well with all of our dogs and with her clown personality, makes us laugh daily at her antics. Cool Beanz!!

Dashing Through The Snow…