Counting Puppies

Counting to “7” and Counting to “6”

It’s Monday afternoon and I haven’t accomplished a thing! I know I’m probably being paranoid but I’m jumpy when I hear squeaking and I’m worried when I don’t hear squeaking! I’m definitely getting my steps in by getting up and down “just checking” (and counting puppies) to make sure all are alright. The saddest thing… Only needing to count to “6” when checking Vee’s puppies.

Yeah, THIS will get my heart racing… Couldn’t find this puppy? He is under the “pig rails”! I suspect he got warm and just rolled off that fleece heating pad?!

I’ve now removed the fleece pads that pups originally had. Too many were crawling UNDER these pads and I’m just afraid mom’s won’t know they are there when they go to lie down? Better safe than sorry! (My heating pads do have fleece coverings on them. Mom’s avoid the heating pads; they are NOT cold!) Pups can often be found on the heating pads though and/or are placed on the pads when mom’s are out to potty or eating. Pups just don’t have “fat” (or hair) to keep them overly warm. It will take another week or so for them to be able regulate their own body temperature.

What’s better than a heating pad? Mom, of course!

Both Deja and Vee enjoy their breaks away from puppies. But not for long or else they start to get “antsy”! They both still remain incredibly interested in the other’s puppies? Because Vee is the new mom, I let her in with Deja’s puppies (Deja was there and didn’t mind). She smelled each puppy and seemed satisfied they weren’t “her puppies” yet, she still stops and watches them every time she walks past… Just to make sure! I don’t want to do anything to make Vee nervous or upset so haven’t let Deja in to “nose around” Vee’s puppies but she too “checks out” Vee’s puppies before settling in with her own (I swear they both are counting puppies too?!)

Pups spend a LOT of time eating!

Pups are all growing; all can “walk” in both litters although since their eyes are still not opened, they DO look like little drunks! I want to see each pup “use their rear” at this age. I want them to be able to push themselves up and although they don’t always bear weight very long, they are “pushing off” with their rear legs. This is really important! There is a problem that can occur in some puppies who don’t use their rear legs. These puppies are called “swimmers”; they paddle with their fronts and don’t motivate with their rear legs/hips at all. If they lie too long on just their stomachs, they can actually change the shape of their rib cage causing “flattening” that then can decrease lung capacity. None of these pups have this, thank goodness!

As you can see by that buried puppy (probably blue boy?), “pigment” is coming in on pads (and noses).

I once had one puppy who was a “swimmer”. Most vets will suggest euthanizing these pups; the rehab is lengthy with no guarantees it will work. I did do the rehab on my “swimmer” puppy and long story short… that puppy, now dog, is climbing 14er’s with his very grateful owner. By 8 weeks, that puppy was “normal” but it was a very intensive 6 weeks of physical therapy/rehab to get him that way. It is just something I now look for developmentally in pups at this age.

Not cold (they would be huddled together if they were); GOOD! But no where for mom to sit/lie down! This is NOT GOOD… pups put back into a “puppy pile”. Oh and that is blue boy up on all fours “walking”!

As many of you know, I also have “little dogs”. Compared to the Goldens, do they even count as “1” dog? My furry “little’s” are Havanese; each weigh about 8 pounds each! They, too, are wondering WHAT those squeaks are? Because they pose no threat to puppies, Deja had no problems letting my girl, Juju, in to check them out. Deja is an experienced momma with a rock-solid temperament! Still, I wouldn’t let any dog mess with puppies unsupervised although if the pups were in a different location, my kitty would check out puppies (has in the past). Kitty wants that heating pad, of course!

Soon, puppies will be as big as Juju!

That’s the latest up to now. Back to checking on puppies!

2 thoughts on “Counting Puppies”

  1. You have your hands full keeping track of those puppies! I hope you’re getting some rest too. The updates are always appreciated. It’s nice to see the difference a week can make in comparing the 2 litters. I can’t wait to see those puppy eyes!


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