Early Neurological Stimulation

Helping every puppy grow up to be a “super dog”!

This post is from a previously published post (with new photos) but I thought it was important to repost again. We do this with all of our puppies in every litter… we want every puppy to be a “Super Dog” someday! “Puppy Packets” are being put together as I write this. LOTS of information for new and experienced owners alike especially on the types of socializing we’ve done before pups go to their new homes AND the things new owners will want to continue after they leave us. Some of these things can be done right away; others will need to wait until after that second vaccination. Their first vaccination will be given by me/my vet when they get their health check. This vet appointment/health check is before pups leave us at around 7 weeks of age so they have several days to make sure all are doing well post vaccinations before heading off to their new homes.

The photos are new! Deja and her puppies… Day 2.

Previous Post: This was brought up with me at the “puppy party” last Sunday. One of my guests was telling me how he was interested in “testing” one of his dogs after he brought the dog home (I don’t recall what age he was “testing” this puppy/dog?) I responded that yes, we do do “early neurological stimulation”. Does it make a big difference long term? Is it really worth doing it? Hmm…

My feeling has always been that it can’t hurt the puppies. And if it helps puppies have a better tolerance to stress and a greater resistance to disease later in life, why not do the early stimulation! And because “I breed for myself”, I’m down for anything that will make MY puppy a better dog!

The stimulation I am talking about is from the “bio sensor” program first developed by the military for their canine program. It consists of five types of early tactile stimulation done to puppies to stimulate their neurological system. The stimulations is done once per day from day three until pups are sixteen days old. It is just something we do for every litter.

Puppy Pile!

There are five exercises or stimulations:

  1. Tactile stimulation (between toes)
  2. Head held erect
  3. Head pointed down
  4. Supine position
  5. Thermal stimulation

The benefits of Stimulation:

  1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)
  2. Stronger heat beats
  3. Stronger adrenal glands
  4. More tolerance to stress
  5. Greater resistance to disease

These early stimulations are then followed up with various socializing activities (many I’ve already mentioned in the puppy packets). The “window of opportunity” for socializing puppy to those various things that he/she will likely encounter during his/her lifetime is a relatively narrow window of time but well worth the effort to get each puppy exposed to as many of those things as possible.

Watching their “pigment” come in! This is amazing as this ususally doesn’t happen quite this fast! (Day 2)

And as far as the benefits of that early neurological stimulation… I prefer to err on the side of providing it rather than neglecting to do it. Here’s hoping that all of “my” puppies grow up to be “super dogs”!

(Link below if anyone cares to read more about this… )

Early Neurological Stimulation

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