Getting Ready…

How I plan on differentiating puppies in not one but two litters. (Gearing up for “puppy breathe”!)

Sorting through my “dog stuff” and just not thrilled with my “puppy collars”. My old collars have survived several litters and are just looking a bit ragged now so… I ordered new newborn and then “slightly bigger” collars for pups-to-be at birth and as they grow. Now I hope I don’t jinx anything by planning ahead but these collars are coming from the UK; ordering them now and they should hopefully arrive none too soon before pups are born?

That said… I’m pretty sure both of my girls ARE pregnant. Am a bit disappointed my ultrasound appointment (that officially confirms pregnancy) is later than I would have liked but my vet has been incredibly busy probably now more than ever with “curb-side” appointments due to Covid and mandates. It just takes extra time to communicate to owners after seeing their dogs.

These will be the “solid color” collars for one litter. I got my choice to pick out colors (I didn’t buy nor need THIRTY collars!) These will be the “older collars”; the newborn collars have a “breakaway clasp”)

But back to the collars… I need collars to differentiate the puppies from both litters. While there may be some differences between litters especially at first, I don’t want to take the chance of mixing up pups! So I ordered a second set of puppy collars that are “different” (to be able to tell which puppy belongs to which mom). This will be especially important later when mom’s and pup’s are all out together.

These collars will be for the other litter. We collar puppies at birth to monitor weight gain and to be able to identify at a glance. Again, newborn collars will be a “breakaway”clasp; these will be once pups are a bit older.

Both moms are now on prenatal vitamins. It won’t hurt them if they happen to NOT be pregnant but if they are, just something to help them help their babies. Deja, as a veteran mom, is already “showing”. If she happens to NOT be pregnant, she needs to go on a diet ASAP! Both girls have “flank flips”. It is a subtle sign that their bellies are getting bigger. And the “weight” is not over their rib cage where you might normally expect to tell if a dog is putting on weight. Their weight gain is in their tummies. It’s very subtle but I definitely see these “flips”.

A meme I saw the other day. Just SO TRUE! I’m every puppy’s “first” mom before they go to their forever homes at eight weeks of age!

So out of thirty color choices, we will have say, Blue (boy or girl) and then Blue Pawprint (boy or girl). I will have newborn and then older puppy sized collars for both litters. As for the color assigned to each pup, these are randomly assigned at birth. We use the collar colors to differentiate not only pups from each litter but also how each pup is growing (weight) and then later, as they are seen/identified at my vets. We use the collar colors to evaluate pups as they grow and interact with each other. My constant comment when I have pups is “which pup is that?” The collars differentiate them. This is NOT something breeders necessarily need to do in other breeds when they have pups with different colors and/or markings but with Goldens… they ALL are gold!

I hope everyone is enjoying our upcoming spring weather. The iris’ are coming up green. The crocus’ are blooming. Spring is right around the corner!

10 thoughts on “Getting Ready…”

  1. Oh my dark blue puppy will be forever my love 💙 and my previous little yellow boy was the gentlest soul I knew. Since it was obviously the color collar that determined this 😊

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    1. SO FUNNY! This litter will have paw print collars besides solid colors 😊 Will have “solids” and “prints” (sounds like a basketball team… shirts and skins or solids and prints!) Your dark blue puppy was always SO PRETTY 😍


      1. Still remember the first (I think) photo oh him you posted sleeping on his paws with his head tilted. It’s still the way he sleeps now only a slightly larger version. So excited for all your new puppy homes and to see Quincee new baby sibling.

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  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I have been checking your BLOG and am so excited that most likely both Deja and Vee are pregnant. That’s unfortunate that the ultrasound appointment is not until later. Wow will you have your hands full with two litters at the same time but I cannot imagine how adorable all those little golden puppies will be together. I love how you ordered all those super cute collars and the fact that some have paw prints. I will continue to check your BLOG, but please know we are still very interested in a puppy. Could you please confirm that I am still on your list?

    Thank you

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    1. Thanks, Mary! Yes, it WILL be busy (just hope they both don’t have 10 pups a piece!! 🤪) And thanks for letting me know you are still interested… I have your info (just looked it up) and yes, you are “on the list” 😊

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  3. Am excited know what the ultrasound shows for both your girls! Hoping one of those pups will be part of our family! Following your blog closely! Thanks , Beth

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