Whew! Site Updated!!

We all live busy lives, I know! On my “do list” was updating the doggy web site. Only, the technology changed… Just keeping up with technology “updates” can be exhausting by itself! Hopefully (and without too many typo’s), I successfully got some new photos uploaded of all of our doggies?

As we near the end of 2020, personally, I will be glad to see this year end. LOTS of lifestyle changes with Covid 19, politics/presidential election upcoming, and the horrible fires that have plagued the northwest mountains of my beautiful state… 2020 just needs to be over with!

Still, exciting plans for 2021… Looking forward to a better year! Stay tuned…

One thought on “Whew! Site Updated!!”

  1. Hello, You were recommended by Sandy McFarland. I have filled out an application with you. We are devastated over the loss of our Raj. It’s the first time in 32 years we have been without a golden. Please let us know what our chances are for getting a male puppy from you all. Thank you so much! Donita and Gary Reitze

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