Covid-19 and… Breeding Puppies!

Even under the most perfect situations, we probably only breed a litter once a year (and sometimes less than that!) Our goal with breeding puppies has always been to “improve” upon the breed according the Golden Retriever breed standard. This really means that in each litter, my goal is to keep a puppy for the next up-and-coming show dog that will hopefully not only do well in the show ring but also embody the breed characteristics we all cherish in this breed… a good family dog from healthy parents (and grandparents); longevity; and of course, the typical great temperament known for in Golden Retrievers.

As everyone’s lives changed with the introduction of Covid-19, LOTS of things just changed! One of the biggest changes has been in vet care. Only emergency cases seen and even then, dogs (or a puppy) is handed off to a vet tech to be seen by the veterinarian. This is NOT always the best for mom & puppies but has been the way it is with social distancing and “shelter in place” directives. This is a huge reason why we have altered OUR future breeding plans until things are much more stabilized. Mainly for the good of mom and puppies-to-be.

7 beautiful puppies from a previous litter… I love all of them!

You always hope for that “perfect litter” where puppies are all well and are healthy. Unfortunately, that is what rarely happens. There always seems a need for vet assistance at some point in puppies first eight weeks with us (or even during mom’s pregnancy). I’m very fortunate that my repro vet is a personal as well as professional friend who takes great care of our dogs but… Why put mom or puppies through added stress/worry during unprecedented times of a global pandemic?

So in light of Covid 19 and “life”, our next litter won’t be until Spring 2021. We have plenty of time to make sure mom is fit and well to undergo the rigors of pregnancy. In the meantime, our dogs are being dogs. Ours (and their) “shelter in place” has included our staying up in the mountains hiking daily and chasing deer! All seem to have an incredible fascination with pine cones which can be found in abundance here.

Retrieving… a well loved game! “Throw the ball, mom!”

I know many have written and inquired about their next future companion (and I’ve tried to respond to each inquiry individually). So many great homes that have the time, space and heart for a puppy. I wish I could say I have a puppy for each deserving family right now but sadly, I do not.

While waiting or searching for your next perfect companion, I implore each family to stay safe and well. I know we all are not in the same boat but we are all in the same storm!

4 thoughts on “Covid-19 and… Breeding Puppies!”

  1. Thank you for keeping us posted. Crazy times. Please keep us on your list for a pup when next Spring. Here’s hoping things have straightened out by then.

    Jack Hunter, Jeanne Brown and Solstice Santa Fe, NM 719-330-5475



  2. Somehow, I have missed so many of your posts over the last year, and had to re-follow you now! I pray you are all doing well during this time of quarantine! I love the beautiful mountains there! God bless you, and bless all of your lovely animals too.

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    1. Hi Bettie! I just got so overhwelmed trying to “manage it all”! We are well here and adjusting to the new “norm”! I had my knee replaced in January so have been “quarantined” longer than most trying to recover from that! Focusing on my critters (everyone bathed/groomed yesterday… with help! WHEW!) LOTS of inquiries for puppies altho we don’t breed that often (and especially not now with Covid-19!) My store is just now opening up altho worried how that will work out? I LOVE my Goldens (have been raising, training, showing them for years!) but got a little dog last fall… just because 🙂 She has been my “recovery buddy” (and fun to learn a new breed!) I started an IG page just for her (avatarofhappiness) just for fun. “Tipsy” has been such a joy (and so different than my big dogs!) Next on my plate…getting my hip replaced. Putting that off as long as I can? Thinking about/praying for you also! Stay safe, Stay well! ❤

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      1. Oh, I am sorry to hear that hip replacement is also in the future for you! But I am thankful that you were able to get through the knee replacement. I’ve wondered how you were doing, and have prayed for you. I’m actually on an Instagram break for now, so I sure understand being overwhelmed at trying to “manage it all.” God finds ways to help us relax in some ways, even as He plunges us deeper into others! I love it that you have a little “recovery buddy” now. What a sweet gift! I miss my Grandpuppy, as I haven’t been able to travel much either, even before the quarantine. But I’m thankful for messages and photos over the miles. Love and Blessings to you, dear sister!


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