Puppies Outside

They are growing up!

Puppies outside for the first time last night (once the temps cooled down a bit). They were fascinated by all the smells, the sensation of the wind blowing, and the feel of the grass beneath their feet! This was right after dinner so they WERE very sleepy but all enjoyed the experience.

In other news, they are now wearing their “large” collars; the smaller collars had no more room to expand so hopefully these collars will last for the next several weeks?

They are now eating/chewing solid food and doing very well! Granted the kibble puppy food is soaked/softened but they definitely have the hang of “eating” (and not just sucking). They are also now drinking water from a water bowl although yes, a few have decided to swim in it, LOL! But, they are getting the hang of that too.

Photos from being outside last evening… Enjoy!!

Official Puppy Transport System (LOL!)
SUCH a big world… all of a sudden!
I wonder what she must be thinking??
Light Blue Boy… My special little boy!
Yes, Deja IS counting puppies! She “helps” us keep an eye on everyone.
Which way to go? (Really, my grass is NOT that long; they have short little legs still!) 
Dining Al Fresco OR After Dinner Drinks?
Black Boy
Should we smell the air or smell the ground?
I have LOTS of help keeping track of puppies 🙂 


Red Girl
Cat socializing (I have a very nice kitty who is used to puppies)
Deja watching her babies (after stealing their toy!)
Deja helps us load them back up to come inside… 

One thought on “Puppies Outside”

  1. They’re all doing so great! That little black boy keeps catching our eye, but meeting them real life will be better than pictures. So anxious!


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