Getting ready for the big day!

Time is flying, so it seems! CH Deja had her pregnancy ultrasound and is confirmed pregnant! Her diet is now changed to a puppy and mom formula to support her and her growing babies. Deja is getting bigger every day!

On the ultrasound, done several times, there are more puppies than can be counted. On any one view, at least five puppies seen. The problem with doing a count with an ultrasound is… any time the wand is moved, you can’t be sure you aren’t counting a puppy a second time. In other words, she has too many puppies seen for an accurate count. She will have an X-ray done just before delivery to count skulls and spines to get a better count (and to make sure that is the number of puppies whelped come the big day!)

Time to set up Deja’s whelping area! Today, I bought a rather large kiddie pool! It was quite the fiasco getting this pool into my car! This is the first time I’ve ever whelped a litter in a kiddie pool but I’m excited to try it out! The pool has the benefit of better air flow than my large whelping box. After setting up that box last year and dealing with summer high temps, we are opting for a hopefully easier system for mom and pups! We’ll see how it goes but I’ve been very impressed seeing the pool used by other breeders.

In other news as some already know, Doodle did not conceive. After much consideration, we’ve decided her purpose in life is just not Motherhood. This saddens us greatly but there are worse things. Doodle doesn’t seem to care, one way or the other so… following her lead, it is what it is.

They say Mother’s nest and right alongside Deja, I’m nesting with her! Time to get all my supplies out, cleaned and ready! Deja’s big day is 7/6/19 give or take 24 hours. LOTS to do before the big day!

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