Thursday, July 12

Dealing with our HOT, HOT weather!

Well, we KNEW this was bound to happen! And Deja is no help sticking her head over the doorway “checking” on the pups all the while protecting herself from an ambush! Time to reinforce the gate/doorway before we get “escapees”! LOL!

Deja “checking” (counting?) puppies WITHOUT getting in with her. She doesn’t like being bitten! 
Contemplating an escape!

It was SO HOT yesterday that we took pups out of the pen and let them lie on the cool tile. Again, I’m amazed we had no “accidents” while the pups practiced walking on the tile then found a cool spot to lay.

I LOVE their fuzzy butts! 

And today, nice and cool (because it is raining!) No “outside time” for pups today… bummer! I did get out to fly-spray and let donks out to pasture. On the way back to the house, I stopped and weeded TWO raised beds and picked several tomatoes before the rain really started coming down. But earlier, Deja got to get outside and burn off some energy. There is just something about a dog rolling in the grass for the sheer joy of it that puts a smile on my face!

Mommy’s Day Out? Deja taking a break from babies! 

Contemplating giving puppies a bath? Soon! Definitely before they go to the vet for their vaccinations and before going to new homes!

I apologize for being a bit “late” in getting posts published! Hoping to “catch up” this weekend with the latest photos! Stay tuned…

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