RIP Yellow Pawprint Girl

Vee’s “angel puppy”

There are no words for the sadness I feel in “losing” this puppy. Momma Vee did everything right. It just wasn’t enough.

It’s why I don’t usually contact families until pups are stable (gaining weight, breathing well, etc.)… So that there IS a puppy for each family “waiting”.

I can’t begin to tell you how heart-broken I am…

Photo from this morning when weighing pups and sitting with Vee. I “found” her unresponsive upon returning from using the restroom… A perfect in every way “angel” puppy.

8 thoughts on “RIP Yellow Pawprint Girl”

  1. How sad, I’m so sorry. In the photo below it is like red pawprint puppy knew yellow puppy wasn’t doing well and had her/his arm over yellow puppy to comfort her.

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  2. I am so sorry for you, for Vee, & of course for the little yellow paw print puppy. I have been enjoying reading about both of your girls giving birth, the care you’ve provided, and learning more about the entire process. May all of you be at peace with what has happened. Mary Ann

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  3. Oh this hurts my heart to read and see her snuggled up to her siblings this morning. I’m so sorry this happened. Rest In Peace little one

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  4. 💔 I know this absolutely crushes you. It breaks my heart. Much love to you, Mark, and Vee. You ALL did everything right.

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