Vee’s Puppies

Puppies are doing well but… still keeping close tabs on everyone!

Vee’s puppies arrived on 4/29; 4 boys and 3 girls. I promise to write more soon but… am juggling taking care of mom’s and pups. Waiting for Vee’s milk to come in/drop but all pups are doing well.

Vee wasn’t too sure WHAT HAPPENED and Deja wanted to “take over” Vee’s pups! Both girls are now settled with their pups… WHEW!

And Deja’s little orange boy… hit one pound today! He’s catching up to his littermates! ❤

Coming home from vet office. Pups riding on heating pad.
Vee’s puppies have the paw print collars
Vee wondering “where did these things come from??”
It didn’t take long for her to feel “motherly” 🙂
Pups “hang out” on heating pad when Vee is not in with them. She is very proud of her babies today!
Vee “curls” around her babies. I am sure her incision is still sore?

3 thoughts on “Vee’s Puppies”

  1. That photo of Vee looking up is precious. Beautiful puppies. I’m sure it’s surreal to you to have Tazo puppies again. ❤️

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