Spring Cleaning OR “Nesting”… The dogs helped us clean/freshen up their space!

Nesting is something our girls will do shortly before going into labor. Often, where a girl WANTS to have her puppies is NOT where we want her to have puppies (No, sweetie, you can NOT have your babies under that evergreen tree! Please STOP digging that hole!) A girl’s “nesting behavior” is a bit different than MY nesting behavior.

Last weekend, hubby was going to install a new 5′ panel with gate in place of the solid 5′ panel in our “dog room”. The effect of this will be able to open up two dog runs and make them one big dog run. After puppies are born and are a bit older, it will allow “mom’s” some space of their own while still overseeing the puppies. So while the project started with just increasing space for mom and puppies down the road, it turned into a complete weekend project!

Sweet Deja is wondering what the heck we are doing?? What I really need to do is repaint this entire room! Ahh… that will have to be another weekend project… later!

In taking down the dog run panels, I decided we should “flip” our dog matting. Twelve years ago, I put down a 4′ x 20′ solid pad to cushion the area the dogs would be on when they were in these dog runs. So with help from family members, this old pad was rolled up only to find a clogged drain under the padding. I don’t use this drain because of the proximity to the drywall so didn’t think it could “back up”? Unbolting the grates that covered the drain and cleaning it out became a much bigger job than originally anticipated mainly because the bolts to take off the drain grate were cemented closed! NOT GOOD!

There was no way to reuse my old padding. Its use was just past expiration in being comfortable for any dog to use so… Off to the farm store to buy new mats (we bought horse stall mats). My dear husband methodically measured and cut each horse stall mat to fit each dog run and although these mats do have seams, I’m hopeful they are much too heavy for any dog to find the seams/decide to chew them? Am crossing fingers they don’t, at least.

My dog room is probably THE MOST USED room in our house! Consequently, “stuff” has been stashed here and there. Deep cleaning would be an understatement while the entire room was dusted, mopped, with “found” items sorted; much being stored elsewhere. I did find a Coolaroo dog bed that I forgot I had? I suspect I purchased this for puppies to play on some time ago and then, “forgot” I even had it? Olly, my “puppy” approved and so she is now enjoying this new dog bed.

I found a “Coolaroo” dog bed. Olly approves! (I think I used this as enrichment for puppies some time ago!)

My “Little’s”, other dogs that own us but aren’t Goldens, eat their meals in smaller crates. Now the Goldens LOVE meal time and ALWAYS offer to help the “little’s” eat their food too! We’ve moved their crates (and stacked them) for easy access and privacy to eat their meals at their own pace.

Where the “Little’s” eat meals. Added benefit to moving crates here, it blocks anyone from missing the open step. Now WE know it’s there but even with pointing it out, many people have stumbled. This will hopefully prevent that in the future?
CH Deja and her “puppy”, Olly… Just hanging out.

Spring cleaning OR “nesting”… either way, it feels good to get such a big job done! Whew!

4 thoughts on ““Nesting””

  1. You got me excited talking about “Nesting” and going into labor! We’ve been nesting around here too and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our puppy! Can you provide a closer idea of when that is expected? “Spring” is just too wide open! (I love reading your blog 🙂

    Thanks! Doreen


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  2. Hi Jennifer,

    Thanks for sharing! Deja poking her nose through the door and resting her head on Ollie are exactly two things our big old boy who passed last year would do. I have so many pictures where he is asleep using his sister’s back as a pillow.



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    1. Hi Sue, Yes, they are great buds. 😊 Waiting on “Mother Nature” but I think we are ready… I’s dotted and t’s crossed. I MIGHT try to get Vee’s RN virtual runs in… depending on when she comes in season? We’ll see…


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